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Easter is Here Get Your WEAVE Woke!

Have you felt the texture of your hair lately? If you didn't say it feels soft and silky then you are still hybernating. When was the last time someone just stopped you at random to say how beautiful your hair was? If you didn't say today, you need to "Get Woke". Wake up your Spring Style with some Woke Weave Styles. Get some length and body. We offer the best quality 100% human hair installed and styled by our Master Stylist, Yahya. Wake up your look with a new weave. Book today at also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You not WOKE if your hairstyle is dead.

See you this week for our EASTER, Woke WEAVES special. When you book today through Friday, April 9th - April 12th you will get $10 off when you pay in cash.

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