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Scheduling Salon Appointments

Booking your hair appointment can get a little confusing. Maybe it doesn't make sense why you are being asked all these questions when all you want are some highlights. Here's a few tips on how to book your appointment and get the most out of it.


When you pre-book in advance, you are more likely to get an appointment with as much time as your service requires. If you call or text last minute and beg to get squeezed in you might get a spot but it probably will not be enough time for your full service. Your appointment might get rushed through, and you will still pay the same price but you might not get the best service. And at that point you can’t get mad at anyone. In the past, I have had people tell me they have a hair emergency, so I squeeze them in but when I see them, I realize they just wanted their hair done ASAP. No emergency, just bad planning. That’s not fair to anyone, including other clients who pre-booked their apt or asked to be scheduled first. Your stylist will always try to fit everyone in and go out of their way, but that might not always be the best idea or the type of spot you are looking for. And in the end you might be cutting yourself short. “Your bad planning should not have to become someone’s emergency.”

To me hair is extremely important, and I know I wouldn’t want a stylist who is exhausted and falling off their feet to do my hair. However, that’s not to say you should never ask if they happen to have something available short notice; just be ok with it if they don’t and just book your appointment at that point. Your appointment isn’t set in stone so if you have an emergency you can always reschedule. You can check your salon’s policy on canceling or rescheduling appointments.


If you know that you will want your hair styled after your service make sure to book online. If you say it at the end of your service, your stylist will try to rush through just to make it happen. But you might not get the best quality and you will still have to pay for your style. You get charged per service regardless of what you asked to be scheduled for via text or online. So I recommend when scheduling your apt make sure you select exactly everything you will want to be done. That is especially important if you are booking your apt online. That way your stylist can figure out how long the service will take and get right back to you with their available times.

The worst is when you get charged for something you didn’t expect. Any service done to you at the salon is something that you will have to pay for. So if your stylist says you desperately need a deep conditioning mask, make sure you ask how much that will cost. Don’t just assume if they are offering it themselves it will be of no charge. You are paying so don’t be shy to ask, nobody will think you are being weird.


This is going a step above and beyond. Saying how your hair currently looks like helps to book your appointment more accurately. For instance, if you have black hair and you want a full foil with caramel highlights it might take 4 hours. As opposed to if you have natural light brown hair and you want the same thing, it might take two and a half hours. You want to make sure your stylist knows your hair before you come in (if you are a new client or went to someone else in between). Also, if you have thick hair make sure you mention it. By not mentioning it, your service will not be cheaper; it will only be booked for less time than your appointment requires. That means it will be rushed through, and you want to do everything you can to make sure you are going to get the best service.

Now that you know these three easy tips you will be able to properly schedule your hair appointment. Remember you have one stylist but your stylist may have hundreds of clients so properly booking your appointment will be very well received. In fact, it’s much easier and faster to book a client who provides all that information up front.

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