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Set the Diva Free

People always ask me to make them look like my clients with that long hair or with that sexy style or that bomb weave. To some degree it is my job to do that but Divas shine all on their own. I just take my God given gift of mixing my technical expertise, products and creativity to enhance your hair and style. Most of my clients have been with me for years. Their hair and how it looks is part of a story or journey and often times it started out short or damaged. But all of my clients that have strong, shiny, long and healthy hair are faithful to their 'hair plans' that we create together. When you come in to see me I automatically put you on a hair plan to meet your short and long term hair goals. All I need from you is consistency and willingness to commit to the plan.

'Clients' always send friends and family to me that ask... Can you do my hair like that? I probably can do your hair similar to their's but it may take a weave, wig or color to get to where they are today if you want it overnight. Some of my clients started with hair that looked very different from the way it looks today. Some wore weaves and wigs and other protective styles as they worked on their own hair's health and others wore their silk presses all the way through.

No matter where you start it's my goal to get you where you want to go. There are a lot of ways to get your hair together but I will always suggest a way that prefers your hair's health. The best way to be one of my 'Divas' is to do what they do. They come in to get their hair done every two weeks, they oil their scalp and hair as directed, they wrap their hair at night or when working out and most importantly none of them do their own hair at home.

Some of my clients with the healthiest hair only roll or wrap their hair each night and style each morning. I think the best part of my work is helping my clients to see in themselves what I see so easily by watching and listening to how they want to feel and be seen. I just love helping all of you unlock your inner beauty and set that female or male 'Diva' free. I can't wait to work with you on your #hairgoals. Book your salon services and I'll see you soon so we can set that Diva free!

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