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How do I grow long healthy hair?

The scenario below is a mixture of questions from many of my clients. This blog is a safe, anonymous space to answer hair questions and post them here to help all of you.

Client: I have been trying to grow my hair long and just can't seem to grow my hair past my shoulders. What should I do to grow long hair?

Yahya: If your scalp and hair is very dry, we have to improve the moisture level in your hair, in order to fix these problem areas and encourage hair growth, so let's make a 5 part plan for you...

1st you need a deep penetrating oil treatment and a hydration treatment. Also, we should trim the damaged ends of your hair before styling.

2nd we will put you on a hair plan to maintain your hair's moisture balance where you will get your hair treatments once every week or once every two weeks depending on your hair.

3rd you can join our CLEAN hair oil club to maintain your hair's moisture level at home with light, daily applications of our hydrating hair oil.

4th once you've applied the oil, you can brush your hair with one of our recommended brushes, several times to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth.

5th do not attempt to shampoo and style your hair at home. Instead, make sure to cover your hair at night to guard against breakage and to protect your hair and scalp's moisture balance. Give your hair a rest on over styling and simply keep your regular weekly/bi-weekly hair appointments.

These 5 easy steps will have you on your way to growing hair well past your shoulders and down your back very soon.

Client: What can I do at home besides these 5 steps to help my hair grow?

Yahya: Always drink plenty of water, take hair and nail vitamins, get plenty of rest, learn to cope with stress, eat well balanced meals and exercise regularly.

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